Meet Joey Vargas: Eatonton's Own Up & Coming Artist

I really enjoyed getting Joey. After talking with Joey for a while, it was obvious that he is very dedicated to what he does--especially for a 16 year old who is also involved in other extracurriculars. Not only is he a great musician, he is a very respectable and genuine person. I believe he will go very far in the music industry.  -Savanna Pierce, Lindsey Consulting


Savanna: How long have you been playing?

Joey: I have been playing since I was 8 so around 7 years now.

Joey Vargas playing live at Eatonton Cotton Warehouse


Savanna: What inspired you to begin playing?

Joey: My parent's music. My family and I used to have long road trips often and I was always listening to the music they grew up with which was a lot of late 90s - early 2000's rock/ punk rock. The guitars were always what I thought made the song special in its own way.


Savanna: What school do you attend?

Joey: I am currently a sophomore at Gatewood.


Savanna: What’s the largest number of people you have performed in front of?

Joey: That's a tough one actually. I don't usually keep count, I just kind of play for whoever shows up but the most I can remember is when I opened for Matt Rogers for a Christmas event held at Smith's last year. I wouldn't be able to give you a number.


Savanna: How do you balance music with other obligations (like sports, family, and friends)?

Joey: I attend to the other obligations first and always manage time for music after with whatever time I have left, whether it be listening for something new to play, writing something new, or finding time to sit down and play a bit. It's a necessity for me to do something music related everyday so it's almost like a job in itself.

Savanna: Do you play any other instruments besides the guitar?

Joey: I always like to carry a ukulele with me to school that I stole from my dad, I learned to play the clarinet in my 6th - 8th grade band class, and I can play bits of piano, bass, and the drums.


Savanna: How do you prepare yourself before a show?

Joey: Rehearse for an hour or two, take a nice long nap, and I'm good to go.


Savanna: Who would you consider your biggest fan?

Joey: My Dad. He's the one that would set me up for concerts, he's only missed one show, and he always gives me confidence for every show and every opportunity I come across. He's always been there.

Savanna: How often do you practice?

Joey: Everyday. As much time as I have. I tend to play for an hour or two everyday. Sometimes it stretches out to 6 hours when I have a free day.


Savanna: What advice would you give to those starting out?

Joey: Never stop if it's what you really want to do. Music is a part of my life and if I want to have a future in music, I can't stop to do anything else that may interrupt my future. Have fun with it. Music should never be stressful or frustrating. As cliche as it sounds, practice is the best thing for learning an instrument like the guitar. Learn a song you really enjoy or that means a lot to you and have fun learning it. Just don't give music a bad name and be frustrated with it. It's the last thing you want music to do to you. After the course of a year or two is when it gets really fun so be patient with it and just enjoy playing.

Savanna: Where can your fans hear you sing again at the Eatonton Cotton Warehouse?

JoeyI will be opening for The Jake Bartley Band on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 7pm.

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